2021 Outcomes
February 11, 2022
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February 11, 2022

2021 Accomplishments

When you are asked how your strategy has progressed over the past year, it may be helpful to consider what new insights were provided in 2021.
  • COVID reporting has continued to progress with the evolution of the issues related to COVID
  • Regular Opioid reporting allows an employer to stay aware of any concerns related to medication utilization and coordination of care.
  • Pharmacy reporting has progressed to providing NADAC comparisons to evaluate your PBM performance as well as report on manufacturer copay assistance.
  • MSK reporting has improved the ability to evaluate the impact of MSK spend on the plan and help identify the driving factors in MSK spend as well as next steps to improve outcomes.
  • Future Cost Drivers reporting has progressed to allowing us to identify the subset of the population with care coordination concerns
  • Other product improvements include significant improvement in our product speed and improved search queries within the Clinical Strategy application that allows for quicker access to imperative data points. If you would like a refresher overview of our applications, please reach out to your strategist.
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