CAUTION: Most data analytics companies should come with a warning label.

That’s because most data analytics companies only scratch the surface. And that can leave you scratching your head. Because drilling down is where you strike gold. Vital Incite is known for using a plan’s healthcare data to make the company as healthy as its employees. And no one has the skill nor the drive to dig as deep as we do.

While this industry has everything to do with data, the results would be nothing without people. Which is why Vital Incite employs the brightest minds in the business. We understand after our software gleans the information, it takes a well-studied human being to lay a keen eye on it and sift out what is truly worthwhile. Plopping reams of raw reports into your lap might very well keep you stalled in the starting gate. Data is granite. Our people are the sculptors.

After we identify both problems and opportunities, we’ll show you how to make sustainable change. That means you get actionable items that can lead to improvements, efficiencies and profitability. You’ll find Vital Incite is the only firm digging below the surface. Beware of imposters.

Their bad habits are no match for our good ones.

Individual habits can be hard to break. And collectively, they can break a company’s profitability. No one, and we mean no one, is better suited to help organizations escape this cycle of medical spend waste than Vital Incite. Here’s what makes us the best solution.

The Investigation

Most mysteries can’t be solved without an investigation. Vital Incite first identifies the top health concerns within your plan’s population. That allows us to gain a clear understanding of what is driving the current medical spend. And equally important, how any future spend will be affected. All of this is hugely beneficial in providing suggestions for improving efficiency and effectiveness within your organization.

A Warning System

For many, Vital Incite acts as a warning system to keep profitability within reach and expenditures within check. For instance, if services end up costing more than expected or if a member has a new diagnosis that will drive up costs, flags are raised so a trend doesn’t develop. In a way, we can predict the future. It helps you develop strategies that support your staff while also reducing spend.

Mystery Solved

We integrate all sources of “healthcare” data per plan member. That’s every employee and their enrolled family members, across the organization’s entire population. This provides the employer or advisor with a single, comprehensive report. It’s the summit of the mountain. And your bottom line’s salvation. It will shine a light upon programs that are having both positive and negative influences.

Answers Promote Action

A spreadsheet full of data is what everyone else delivers. Vital Incite turns data into answers. And answers into suggestions you can actually act upon. How refreshing is that? We lay out the next possible steps for employees to become healthier and for companies to become more profitable. It’s all due to our extensive database, our healthcare industry expertise and our real life experience with clients and vendors all across the country. It means you can now take action, instead of another aspirin.

Be Strategically Confident

Leading requires confidence and Vital Incite delivers just that at every turn. Our research and results can answer questions from management while also supporting strategic planning initiatives. Expected outcomes can be addressed realistically and objectively. You’ll also find that successes experienced by other Vital Incite clients may work for you as well. We’ll even meet with your vendors to improve their outcomes while providing our proprietary Clinical Strategy App to help guide their efforts. To us, that’s the true definition of partnership.

“There are a lot of data analytic companies out there ….. but Vital Incite is the only one I’ve worked with who can take complicated data, make it easy to understand and then make it actionable.”

– Richard Sutton, Brown & Brown

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