Has exasperation become a synonym for healthcare? Vital Incite does much more than feel your pain. We alleviate it. Every day we help companies take control of their health costs while keeping the employees healthy.

If you’re a numbers person you’re gonna love us. Because numbers don’t lie. You just need to make sure you have all the relevant numbers. We do that better than anyone. If you’re not a numbers person, you’re gonna love us even more. Because we know how to turn all that data into plain English. Often times the best compliment we get is a loud sigh of relief.

Simply put, we are a healthcare focused data analytics company that goes a step further. That means we help you every step of the way to improved profitability. From mining the data, to discovering there just may be a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow for you. Who knew? Well, actually we did. Think of it as insight that incites good business decisions. That’s us. That’s Vital Incite. Making health an asset.

Most companies waste between 35% to 65% of their medical spend each year.

We’ve helped every one of our clients reduce that.

“Vital Incite has been an amazing partner. They have a deep understanding of our data and the unique nuances of having an on-site clinic. We greatly value this relationship.”

– Denise Murphy, University of Notre Dame

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