Impact of Lifestyle Medicine on Health Systems
January 19, 2022
2021 Accomplishments
February 11, 2022

2021 Outcomes

    Given that we came out of 2020 and did not leave COVID behind, the outcomes for 2021 are like none we have ever experienced. Here are some of the highlights of what has been noted in our book of business.
  • Vital Incite reports will be separating out Type 1 from Type 2 Diabetes. Given the difficulties and lack of success noted controlling this disease and the continued increase in incidence and spend related to these conditions, splitting up type 1 and Type 2 will allow us to drill deeper into what the correct resources are to improve the health of your population and help control the cost
  • We are finalizing more detailed reporting related to cancers. This new reporting will provide more insight into the types of cancers, trends in incidence including benchmark information, as well as breakdown spend analysis into medications vs. medical services. Drilling deeper will provide us better information for more informed decisions.
  • Change in PMPY for Total Cost went up 10% after a decline of 2% in 2020, much of which was impacted by increased severity of care and delayed care.
  • Physical compliance increased significantly from 40 % in 2020 to 48% in 2021
  • Cost per Unit risk went from $3,891 in 2020 to $4,245 in 2021, again impacted by severity of care considerations.
  • The incidence rate of diabetes in employees and spouses increased from 11% to 12% and we have found that only 59% of the diabetics that we have A1c values for are controlled. Yet plan spend for endocrine, diabetes related medications has increased from $25.78 in 2020 to $29.75 per diagnosed member per month from 2020 to 2021.
  • We have seen some significant success in improving health with 83% of moderate risk members improved their risk compared to 2020 and 45% of high to very high-risk members.
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