Ever get the feeling the company’s health benefit plan is mocking you?

It’s not a good feeling to hear your health benefit plan snickering every time you check your P&L statement.

If you’ve got the sneaking suspicion that waste within your process has started draining the company’s hard earned profit, reach out to Vital Incite. We’ll show you dozens of other organizations who thought the same thing and finally said enough is enough. In fact, maybe this “about” section should be called “it’s about time.” As in, it’s about time someone made healthcare easier to understand and manage. Well, that someone is Vital Incite. And that’s what we’re all about. Instead of continuing to live with the liability of waste, why not choose to make health an asset. Choose Vital Incite.

Getting medical spend data is one thing. Making sense of it is our thing.

A lot of companies can provide information on your firm’s medical spend. But chances are it’s not ALL the information. At Vital Incite, we access every important data point. Then we interpret it by identifying problems and opportunities and giving you an action plan. Ahhh, clarity. It’s what we do.

“Vital Incite is essential for self-funded groups. Otherwise, they are throwing darts blindfolded.”

– Erin Faszczeski, BenePro

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