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July 27, 2022
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August 10, 2022

TX: Team

    Musculoskeletal spend continues to be a main cost driver for many groups, but it can be difficult to address with many employees working virtually and in terms of prevention. This is where a solution like Tx: Team could help. Tx: Team offers employers comprehensive, patient-centered solutions for physical therapy, with a focus on prevention and ensuring employees stay healthy on the job. Tx: Team’s solutions include virtual workstation ergonomic evaluations, virtual physical therapy (either injury prevention or functional job analyses), pre-work screenings, employee education, early intervention, skilled physical therapy treatment, and return to work support after injury.
    Their solutions provide flexibility and can be offered virtually, onsite, or near site. They can even partner with employer-based clinics. If you are interested in learning how a physical therapy solution may benefit your population, contact your Population Health Strategist. To learn more about Tx: Team visit or reach out to your Vital Incite team.
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