Groundbreaking utilization of health information exchange data in a pilot with IHIE & Purdue

Vital Incite Announces Pilot Program with Purdue University and Indiana Health Information Exchange

Leverages Biometric and Lab Data to Drive Better Healthcare Strategies

Indianapolis, Ind. (October 5, 2020)Vital Incite, an Indianapolis-based population health consulting firm, today announced a pilot program with Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE) and Purdue University which expands the use of biometric and lab data for all persons on a health plan in order to better identify risks and improve health outcomes. This is one of the first pilots of its kind in the country to utilize Health Information Exchange data at the employer level.

Vital Incite and Purdue University have been collaborating since 2015 and have continued to expand the quantity and quality of health plan data that is available for analysis. The goal of this pilot is to use the additional data from biometric and lab results to further improve the strategic management of plan member risk factors and drive better health. Many employers and health plans  seek to improve the management of chronic conditions, but they are measuring medication or testing compliance that do little to actually monitor condition control.

This pilot will utilize biometric values and lab results to better evaluate the actual control of health conditions.

Purdue had initially received biometric values from their onsite healthcare clinic, then later progressed to include their top tier lab and TPA data. However, Purdue still did not have enough information to fully identify the complete needs of their population. With the inclusion of the IHIE data, the pilot program hopes to have biometric values on 92% of members. This should be particularly useful in helping Purdue successfully manage one of the most burdensome diseases among its members—diabetes.

Purdue currently only has A1c values on approximately 30% of the diabetics on its health plan, so it is difficult for them to accurately evaluate if investing more dollars for medications, supplies or programs is worthwhile. The better and more complete data should lead to the formulation of better strategies to help diabetics control their disease, and ultimately to reduce the financial burden that uncontrolled disease places on members and on the health plan.

About Vital Incite: Since 2013, Vital Incite has been a population health consulting company with a mission to uncover medical spend waste and help employers strategically develop programs to improve employee health.  To learn more or request a demo, click here.

About Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE): The Indiana Health Information Exchange manages the nation’s largest interorganizational clinical data repository, partnering with communities throughout Indiana to ensure health information is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there to improve care coordination and patient outcomes. IHIE connects hospitals, physician offices, and other healthcare facilities in the state so they can provide the safest and highest quality patient care possible, while saving time and money. This one-of-a-kind network enables IHIE to assemble information to help providers make decisions critical to patient care and help providers identify patients needing testing, screenings and follow-up care for chronic diseases.

About Purdue University: Purdue University Human Resources helps move the University forward with the goal of providing an unparalleled employment experience for the faculty and staff who lend their talents to Purdue’s success. Employees have resources – including high-quality, affordable healthcare resources – readily available to improve their lives, at work and beyond.