At the Office

In October of 2014, Amanda joined the Vital Incite team. She is truly talented at integrating data from a number of sources, in different formats, with varying levels of detail in order to extract meaningful, actionable information for Vital Incite clients. Amanda has played an integral role in developing the foundation for data transfer processes and reports since joining the team. She has the unique ability to see the big picture without losing sight of the fine details that make a project successful.

Amanda has worked in the Human Resources industry for several years and has extensive experience aggregating data and creating reports. This experience has given Amanda a keen sense for the type of information that executive teams look for and need to support business decisions. Amanda’s enthusiasm and passion for delivering reports in ways that drive understanding and action make her a valuable resource to Vital Incite clients.

Outside of the Office

When she isn’t crunching data, Amanda enjoys all of the things that come along with owning a new home. From DIY projects to yard work, Amanda enjoys it all. However, if pressed to pick a favorite new home activity, hosting dinner parties and cooking for family and friends take the cake. Amanda’s two dogs, a golden retriever and basset hound, love their new home too!


Illinois Wesleyan University – Psychology