3-25-20 COVID-19 Webinar Q & A

Do people that have previously had radiation or chemotherapy at higher risk? Or is it currently those in treatment?

It depends on how long ago the treatment occurred. If they are currently undergoing those treatments, they are certainly at higher risk. Depending how recently these treatments were received would depend on how significant that risk would be. The further out these treatments were received, the better off they are. If it has been more than a year or so and they have remained in good health since that time, then they are most likely not carrying increased risk in relation to those treatments.

Have we learned that if you have already had Covid-19, that you cannot contract it again?

We just don’t know enough about this virus yet. The thought is that if you have had it, then you should have some short-term immunity, but we just don’t know. Even with the seasonal flu, virus’ tend develop new strains or mutations that may impact length or strength of immunity.

Do your resources include any template letters to send to high risk members or any HIPAA recommendations?

Currently our resources do not have this language, but we would recommend that you seek this from the CDC or the Fisher Phillips websites to help with this.

Covid-19 will not be around forever, but what do you think will be the long-term changes that we can prepare for (such as working from home or even people being afraid to work around others physically) in the near future?

We at Vital Incite are lucky to work with a number of Public Health specialists on our team and they were pretty quick to share that good hygiene tips for preventing disease spread will definitely be remembered. (such as singing the Birthday song while washing your hands). It is important for us to realize that practicing good behaviors like this can help reduce risk for picking up viruses both in the workplace and elsewhere.

We don’t know for sure what the future of healthcare looks like after this pandemic, but we may see some changes in the delivery of care. Regulations around telehealth have relaxed and we will start seeing more information around this type of care and if this mode of care will be more mainstream in the future as a result. Tele-commuting in the workforce may see a boost as well. We have been propelled into a new world of healthcare.

What will be the reimbursement from the government for any care surrounding Covid-19? There has been suggestion that the government may help pay for services related to a diagnosis and testing.

No one knows what or if the government will assist in covering the cost of care. Vital Incite will be able to segregate out anyone who has been diagnosed and any of their claims related to Covid-19, if there happens to be some reimbursement for cost of care.