Why Employers Should Invest in Mental Health
August 5, 2021
Utilization of Digital Medicine in Behavioral Health
August 5, 2021

Behavioral Health Series: Session 2

What Data-driven Insights Solve Behavioral Health Problems?

Behavioral health has always been complicated, but now more than ever, that is proven to be true. Employers need to know what the data is telling us about the impact and the state of behavioral health in the workplace in 2021. What questions should employers ask to find real solutions for today and the future of Mental Health? There has been a seismic shift since March 2020 in the discussions around Mental health, but what does that mean for employers? How should employers react to these discussions and what further questions should employers be asking? What are the solutions that are proven to work? Join Vital Incite and our panel of nationally recognized behavioral health experts to explore the answers to these questions. Meaningful Q&A will follow the session with the experts from Anthem, Optum, and Mine & Associates.

Key points for the conversation include:
  • How employers can expand access to quality care
  • Behavioral health’s shift to consumerism and what it means to employers.
  • Behavioral health services that employers should explore that are evidence-based and shown proven outcomes.
  • How innovation is shifting employees’ way of consuming mental health care and how employers should react to the shift.

David Wright, Psy.D.,
Director, Sales & Account Management, BH & EAP Solutions, Anthem

Heather Hardy, UHC

Robert Mines, Ph.D.,
Mines & Associates

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