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14 MAY Johns Hopkins COVID Return to Work Solution

As a global leader in healthcare, Johns Hopkins has been at the forefront of education, analytics and strategy to assist organizations with how to manage populations confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic. With a focus on assisting employers manage the many challenges confronting their workplace challenges, Dr. Mark Cochran and Stuart Sutley with Johns Hopkins HealthCare will share a solution set of ideas to assist employers of all types to re-imagine the workplace going forward.

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8 MAY How COVID-19 is Changing Healthcare Delivery

COVID-19 has placed an unprecedented burden on the healthcare system in the US. As we progress through this challenge, strengths and weaknesses have been revealed, new approaches have been deployed, and some older protocols have been discarded. This webinar will begin to examine what has already changed, and what additional significant changes may be on the horizon.

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16 APR COVID-19:  Education for Public Use

With the help of our board member, Mary McAteer, MD and our team of Weston Tenbarge and Lindsey Pedigo, Vital Incite has recorded a webinar that is intended to share with employees to help them better understand COVID-19 and how to protect themselves.  We invite any employer to share this with their employees in an effort to help us all thrive.

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09 APR COVID-19: Cost Impact

Every employer is trying to determine the cost impact of COVID-19. This document provides what we know and what is still missing in the formula to make appropriate assumptions.

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COVID-19 Cost Impact

25 MAR Webinar Replay: COVID-19:  Using Data to Understand Your Risks

Learn how to use the data from your health plan and current insights and guidance from Johns Hopkins to illuminate specific COVID-19 risks within your employee population, and to act strategically to mitigate those risks.

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25 MAR Q & A from 3-25-20 COVID-19 Webinar

Important questions and answers from the 3/25/20 COVID-19 webinar.

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Webinar: Creating the Best Strategy

25 MAR Resources for Employers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vital Incite has compiled a list of resources that can be shared with Employer and members to help maintain health and productivity during social distancing. The resources address workplace health and safety, access to food and health resources, wellbeing and family support.

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Maintaining Health During COVID-19 Pandemic